Hillcrest Home Adopts SmartLinx to Optimize Workforce Management

November 18, 2019 Lynne Jackson

Hillcrest Home Adopts SmartLinx to Optimize Workforce Management

SmartLinx to Replace Paylocity for Workforce and Human Capital Management

ISELIN, N.J. (November 18, 2019) — SmartLinx, a leader in workforce management solutions, today announced that Hillcrest Home chose the integrated SmartLinx suite to take its workforce and human capital management capabilities to the next level.

“Although the easiest transition would’ve been to expand our Paylocity implementation, we wanted a more integrated solution and one tailored for long-term care. Nothing we saw could manage scheduling and attendance as well as SmartLinx,” says Ryan Miller, Human Resources Manager at Hillcrest Home.

Hillcrest Home previously used Microsoft Excel to handle scheduling and Paylocity for attendance, payroll, human resources, and benefits administration.

Optimizing Staffing with SmartLinx

Designed specifically for skilled nursing and senior care providers, the SmartLinx workforce management suite enables providers, like Hillcrest Home, to increase productivity and reduce costs by:

  • Enhancing employee engagement
  • Simplifying compliance
  • Ensuring schedules support changing resident needs
  • Preventing overtime, late and early punches
  • Streamlining scheduling and attendance

Putting Quality First

Being properly staffed every day is a top priority for the Hillcrest Home. SmartLinx makes it easier to automatically create and adjust schedules to manage their unique needs, including a revolving volunteer staff with rotating schedules in addition to permanent employees.

Hillcrest Home will use real-time attendance and scheduling data in SmartLinx to identify trends, prevent scheduling gaps and close unexpected openings. The SmartLinx Go mobile app will enable workers to balance work-life responsibilities by accessing schedules, signing up for and swapping shifts on their mobile device.

SmartLinx Human Resources suite and SmartLinx Benefits will also improve employee experience as well as streamline related administrative processes.

“We are thrilled to welcome Hillcrest Home to the SmartLinx community and are looking forward to helping them more efficiently manage their facility and continue providing superior care for years to come,” said SmartLinx CEO Marina Aslanyan.

About Hillcrest Home

Hillcrest Home is a skilled nursing facility in Harrison, Arkansas. Founded in 1953 under the direction of the Mission Interest Committee (M.I.C.), Hillcrest Home seeks to provide residents with the choices and quality of life they desire. Hillcrest Home also supports missionaries across the world and has welcomed more than 1,300 young volunteers and 2,000 residents since 1953.

About SmartLinx

SmartLinx makes work, work better. Used in thousands of leading organizations, the SmartLinx solutions suite helps manage people and processes by harnessing the power of real-time data. Its solutions suite includes talent acquisition and onboarding, human resources, benefits and payroll, time & attendance, scheduling, compliance, and business analytics. For more information visit  SmartLinx.com or call 877-501-1310.


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